On Borrowed Time – The Novel – Scenes

Tailor and Findor with the help of a few friends outwit her wicked daughter

The journey begins

I patted Findor and loaded my pack onto his back. He twitched his ears and set his nose in the direction of our travel as I set myself astride his furry back.

Millicent and Nigel search the house

“She's obviously gone completely gaga – look at the books on the stairs” they said as they made them into one pile at the bottom. “And what's this guttering doing too – she'll trip over it and break her neck.”

In the depths of despair

“Oh bugger,” I thought as I lifted up my arms and handed over the bag of chocolates.


A clean break

We were woken next morning by clouds of steam coming out of the back of the shop next door. I realised that it was the tumble driers going in a launderette. I sniffed my clothes which stank and wondered if there might be a chance I could get them washed. But how to go about it?

Dactyl and Saracen, characters in the book On Borrowed Time by Gill Heritage

Romance blossoms

“C'mon, I'll see you home, can't leave you to get home alone with all these strange men around can we?”