On Borrowed Time – The Novel

Tailor a character in the novel On Borrowed Time by Gill Heritage

Little old lady on borrowed time battles evil schemes with her cat and detective

On Borrowed Time is Gill Heritage's first novel. It follows the progress of Tailor, who at only ten inches high, is certainly very firmly in the category of 'little old lady'. There are many humorous adventures along the way in Tailor's quest for justice.

Tailor and her faithful ginger cat Findor have many adventures in their quest to stop the evil schemes of her daughter Millicent.

Tailor is on borrowed time, travelling by motorbike, shopping trolley, bin lorry and helicopter in pursuit of her goal

Some of the morals of this story are:

But mainly:

On Borrowed Time – a saga of misplaced jaffa cakes, sock-related hazards and unlikely transport

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Catastrophe averted – The Feline Times.

When in a hole, dig yourself in deeper – Archaeology Today.

It's a stitch up – Dressmakers Weekly.

Dead exciting – Undertakers Journal.

That's enough reviews – Editor.

On Borrowed Time – ebook for Kindle and ebook readers

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